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Jenkins Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin's Webhook Is Not Working

In my current project we use Bitbucket Server as our Git backend and Jenkins with a pipeline multibranch project to build our project. For better integration of both technologies we decided to use the Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin . This enables us to trigger automated builds and maintain dynamic jobs on our Jenkins. But installing the necessary webhooks turned out to not be a trivial task. The goals I want to achieve are the following:

Other May 17, 2019

That's How Wrong Google Analytics Can Be

This blog is not very old yet. I just started it a month ago and of course I wanted to know if somebody is even reading it. So after a few days I included Google Analytics to get an impression of the visitors of my page and if I even have an audience here. But barely any visit got tracked and since I didn’t even filter out my own ip I had the impression that I’m basically the only user of my page.

Spring May 9, 2019

Custom Authentication Filter with Spring Security

After answering a question on stackoverflow about how to configure Spring Security with your own authentication mechanism I’d like to go into more details in this post. I’ll implement a simple use case where the actual authentication is done by reading the username and password from the header of a request. The example method we implement in this post is NOT a secure way of implementing authentication. I just choose it for the sake of simplicity to demonstrate how to register your own authentication in Spring Security.

Jenkins Declarative Pipeline throws Method Code Too Large Exception

I use the declarative Jenkins pipeline in my current project, but after 2 years of development we hit a barrier I wasn’t aware of. Jenkins puts the whole declarative pipeline into a single method and at a certain size the JVM fails with java.lang.RuntimeException: Method code too large!. Digging deeper it turns out that no method is allowed to exceed 64k . So I needed to find a solution for this problem.

Clean Code April 29, 2019

Distinguish Between Optional and Mandatory Parameters in the Builder Pattern

After reading through Designing Bulletproof Code by Otavio Santana I stumbled upon its example of using a builder pattern. While this was not the focus of the article itself I also realized that I saw the issue in the past a lot and I ran in it as well. The widely spread understanding of the builder pattern (as described in Effective Java by Joshua Bloch) does not differentiate between optional and mandatory parameters and that makes their usage not easier but harder.