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How to Get Rid of Microservices?

May 23, 2024
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Clean Code November 20, 2019

Boost Your Development With Proper API Design

In this post we’ll go through an example application and see which methods and principles we can apply to build a robust application that is easy to maintain, extend, understand and use. In general, this is a subject with a much larger scope than a simple blog post can provide, so the content is neither complete nor exhaustive, but a selection of topics that I visited recently. We use an arbitrary business case where we can buy and sell resources on a market.

Productivity November 13, 2019

Automate Your Git Commits On Feature Branches

At some point it hits everyone. Your precious work of several hours is vanished because of a hardware failure. For that the industry came up with several solutions like the idea of version control systems. But recently I was dumb enough to not do any commit for several hours - just to leave the history clean. Big mistake… But did you think about automating that? How about committing every couple of minutes automatically?

Continuous Integration September 26, 2019

How I (also) use JMeter for Integration Tests

In my current project I focus on the development of a highly available, scalable system that can handle millions of players worldwide. In order to test and ensure that this is actually the case we need to do regular performance and integration tests. While - for a long time - I explicitly separated both, I choose a new direction in this project by writing the JMeter performance test in a way that it can be used as an integration test as well.

Productivity September 8, 2019

Clean Already Merged Branches in Git

Another month, another git alias (But don’t think that this will become a regularity now ;-) ). I had the issue that I lost track of the branches that were already in master a couple of times on one of my projects and after a while I had a lot of unnecessary jobs in Jenkins because we use the Jenkins multibranch plugin . So I sat down and created a git alias that does the cleanup for you with a bit of user-friendly output.

Productivity August 8, 2019

How To Squash All Commits Of Your Feature Branch

Usually you have a lot of “intermediate” commits while developing on a feature branch like WIP, Review changes, Some cleanup, Fix jenkins. These commits are neither atomic nor does it help to read them in the history. They purely serve the purpose to persist the current work, trigger another build on your buildmachine or doing some fixes you discovered while testing. So before I rebase my changes to master I’d like to squash all commits that i’ve done to a single one.