Code-Held Goes Open Source

April 27, 2019
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Today I have an awesome Message. Since I also post about technologies I use on this page I decided to put the whole page open source on gitlab . Feel free to discover how I developed this blog and which technologies I use.

I had the project in a private repository before but after many considerations I decided to not transform it directly into public space, because I used to have my nginx config in there as well and at some point unmasked ssh keys (I exchanged them of course but you never know…). So I put the latest state of the page into a new repository and took care that the SSH key that is used for publishing the website is properly masked in the pipeline.

The old posts also got updated to have direct links into the repository to the place where the explained topic is used.

You can also contribute if you like and create merge-requests or issues. If you want to do a guest post feel free to get in contact with me.

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