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Clean Code 6. März 2020

Best Practices For Unit Tests

Unit tests had a bad reputation in many teams I worked with. To my confusion I even experienced that a team wrote a hell lot of integration tests but rarely any unit tests. This is contrary to the well-known testing triangle, and surprised me quite a bit. The reason - as I was told - was the experience of the team. “When you change something you have to adapt many unit tests”, was the common tenor.

JPA 28. Januar 2020

Additional auditing with Spring Data JPA and Hibernate

Spring Data provides an easy way of keeping track who creates and modifies a persistent entity as well as when the action happened by annotating properties with @CreatedBy, @CreatedDate, @LastModifiedBy and @LastModifiedDate. The properties are automatically provided by an implementation of the AuditAware and DateTimeProvider interface. Beside this common auditing information in my current projects some entities require storing auditing-information about crucial state-changes like soft-deletion. Previously we had to fill the properties ourself:

Continuous Integration 22. Januar 2020

How To Load A Shared Library From A Subfolder In Jenkins

I work with Jenkins Pipeline for three years now and one pain point is proper isolation of shared functionality between pipelines but even steps. In our repository we defined multiple pipelines and some are that large that we share functionality within it. Jenkins offers the possibility to create shared libraries for that purpose. But unfortunately it’s not possible to load it from the same repository. Since many of the changes in the pipeline are related to a change of the shared library it was tedious to match the branches and versions to be backward compatible.

Clean Code 20. November 2019

Boost Your Development With Proper API Design

In this post we’ll go through an example application and see which methods and principles we can apply to build a robust application that is easy to maintain, extend, understand and use. In general, this is a subject with a much larger scope than a simple blog post can provide, so the content is neither complete nor exhaustive, but a selection of topics that I visited recently. We use an arbitrary business case where we can buy and sell resources on a market.

Productivity 13. November 2019

Automate Your Git Commits On Feature Branches

At some point it hits everyone. Your precious work of several hours is vanished because of a hardware failure. For that the industry came up with several solutions like the idea of version control systems. But recently I was dumb enough to not do any commit for several hours - just to leave the history clean. Big mistake… But did you think about automating that? How about committing every couple of minutes automatically?