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23. Mai 2024
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Clean Code 20. März 2022

Java Bean Validation is an Anti-Pattern

The javax.validation package is widely used in our industry. And I don’t like it. I believe using bean validation is an anti-pattern. It hides business relevant constraints, it leaves the choice when a validation happens to other framework code, and I even saw cases where developers expected that the validation “just had to take place”, but it never happened. Of course, there was also no test for it. And speaking about tests - testing these business relevant constraints is painful as well.

Other 4. Dezember 2021

New Position and the Future of This Blog

Today I write an unusual post for this blog - A personal note. I recently took the responsibility of the System & Infrastructure department. As you can imagine taking over such a position comes along with a lot of work - especially when you didn’t get rid of the old responsibilities yet. That’s the main reason why I didn’t write a blog in the past months. But what about the future of this blog?

JPA 2. August 2021

Prefer UUID for your Primary Key

In my last post I discussed the downsides of using numerical types for the primary key of an entity. We should avoid these issues all together by using UUID instead and in this post I will discuss the up- and downsides of this approach. Using a UUID as the primary ID is simple: @Entity class Flat( @Id val id: UUID = UUID.randomUUID() ) Generate the ID on the application Similar to numerical ids we can generate it on the database as well.

JPA 15. Juli 2021

The Inevitable Consequence of a Numerical Id

In many (JPA) applications numerical ids are chosen for the surrogate key of the entities. But how do we make sure that they are not used twice? In a scenario where our application needs to scale horizontally we need a solution for that. Most developers come to the conclusion that the database should take care of that. But this is a fragile solution and in this article I want to discuss it.

Spring 15. Mai 2021

Which Password Encoder Should I Choose With Spring Security?

Did you work on the task to integrate Spring Security in a project? If yes you probably stumbled upon the decision which PasswordEncoder to use. I saw many developers actively researching that question and deciding on a concrete algorithm. In one project we even choose a less secure decoder - for performance reasons. Don’t. Just don’t! Don’t choose a weak encoder for performance. Actually, don’t choose at all! Let Spring handle your security.